At Footish, we care about protecting your personal data. In this integrity policy you’ll find info about how we collect and manage your data, together with an overview of your rights regarding your data.

Controller for the management of your data is:
Footish AB, 556740-7373, Östra Ågatan 9, 753 22 Uppsala.

Footish handles all personal data in accordance with EU:s new data protection laws, GDPR, and we reserve the rights to update this policy as needed. Changes to this policy will be communicated via our website,

What do we mean by personal data?

Personal data means all information that can be, directly or in-directly, tied to a specific person. This includes name, social security number, address, email address, phone number, order number and IP-address, along with information that you provide to our customer service. We collect that information as you interact with us, by purchasing products, filling out forms or visiting our webpage.

Why do we collect data?

We try to collect as little data as possible, and try to avoid collecting any sensitive personal data at all. In some cases we have to collect personal data, for instance in the ones listed below:

At purchase

When you complete a purchase we collect personal data that is needed to complete you order, send out your order confirmation and notify you about your order. This data is required to be able to send your products. Please note that Footish never get access to either your payment information or social security number during the checkout process.

Sold out products

In cases when a popular product is sold out, we sometimes enable a reminder feature for that specific product. In those cases, you can submit your email & name to get notified once the product is back in stock. Signing up for our product reminders also sign you up for our newsletter, but you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

When contacting customer service

When you contact customer service, for instance with questions regarding products, reclamations and returns, we store the personal data required to help you with your issue. In most cases this data is limited to order number and name, but in some cases we may need additional information such as phone number and address.

During competitions and raffles

We collect personal data during competitions and raffles. What data is collected varies from raffle to raffle, but we never collect more data than what is needed to administrate the current raffle or competetion.

For marketing purposes

We keep your personal data to be able to send news and offers via email. We only ever send newsletters to people who have opted in. If you change your mind, you can always unsubscribe using the link in the bottom of the email.

For improving our service

In some rare cases we collect personal data to improve our service, our product offering or our technical systems. In most cases this is done anonymously, but in some cases personal data like order information can be relevant for this improvement.

To prevent abuse and criminal activity

Personal data is gathered to prevent abuse of our platform, and criminal activity such as fraud.

To comply with laws and regulations

Some personal data is gathered and stored to comply with Swedish laws and regulations, for instance regarding security and our financial accounting.

Storage times

Footish stores your personal data as long as it is needed for the purpose of the collection, or as long as it is required by law.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, your contact information will be stored as long as you wish to receive the newsletter.

Your rights

We will reply to your requests regarding your personal data rights as soon as possible, but within a month at the latest. We might charge you an administrative fee to fulfill your request, if it is lawfully allowed.

Access to your data

You have the right to get information about how we store your personal information and what pieces of information we have stored about you.

Deletion, updating and limitation of data

You have the right to have your data deleted (or partially removed, or updated) if you feel that the data is no longer relevant for the purpose it was collected, if you have recalled your approval and there are now lawful reasons for why the data should be kept, or if we have wrongfully managed your personal data.

Footish will assist you in this process, but please note that if you decide to delete (fully or partially) your personal information, we might not be able to assist you with reclamations or warranty cases regarding previous orders.

Data portability

You have the right to get access to the personal data we have stored about you, in a structured and machine readable format.


Feel free to contact us, or leave a complaint with a regulatory agency, if you have any complaints regarding how your personal data is collected and managed.

Protecting your personal data

We want you to feel safe as customer at Footish. With that in mind, we feel it’s obvious that all data traffic is encrypted (sent over https) between our servers and your browser. We have also verified that all our platform providers, including Jetshop, Specter, Klarna, Dibs, all follow the new GDPR regulations.

We are constantly updating our security protocols and our technical platforms to make sure that as little information as possible is stored, and that the information this is stored is done so in the best possible way.

Sharing of personal data

Footish uses a number of providers of IT-systems in our daily business, and therefore situations may arise when personal information is shared with these providers. This only happens when it’s unavoidable and only when it’s allowed by law. We strive to share data primarily in an anonymous format, and in other cases we have have signed consent forms with the provider, detailing how and why they can manage personal data. Providers in this case may include government agencies, delivery firms and marketing companies.

At Footish internally, only selected personel has access to personal data.

Footish will never sell, and have never sold, personal data to a third party.

Storage of cookies

According to the law on electronic communication, effective on 25 July 2003, all visitors to a webpage should be notified about the use of cookies. When you visit the Footish webshop we store cookies (both permanent and temporary, session cookies) on your computer for several reasons.

Your user experience

Cookies is a central part of the Internet, and without them it would be near impossible to for instance place items in a shopping cart, which in practice makes it impossible to order products online. Besides basic necessity we also use cookies to improve your experience of our store, for instance by keeping track of your country to be able to give information using an appropriate language and prices in the correct currency.

Marketing and statistics

We use cookies to attribute new customers to different traffic sources, which helps us (and our providers) understand the efficiency of our marketing campaigns. We also use cookies to follow users throughout our store, to help us improve their shopping experience.

Third party cookies

A third party cookie is a cookie that is place on your device by a third party, but on our behalf. This includes certain analytics services or services that help you share products from our webpages on social media. Footish uses third party cookies to gather statistics using Google Analytics and from social media platforms like Facebook.

In all cases the third party cookies are used to improve the purchase experience for you.

Disabling cookies

If you do not accept the usage of cookies, you can set your browser to automatically deny the usage of cookies, or to warn you about webpages using cookies without your consent. Disabling cookies will make it impossible to complete a purchase, since key parts of our platform (shopping cart and login, for instance) requires cookies to function. You can, however, browser the store with cookies disabled.