Originating from the alpine village of Annecy and founded in 1947, Salomon has established itself as a leading brand in trail running, hiking, and winter sports. Their high-performance shoes and equipment have long been renowned for their superior quality and technical innovation.

However, Salomon's influence extends beyond just the world of sports. Through collaborations and forward-thinking, they have expanded their repertoire to include the fashion world, where their ACS PRO, XT-4 and XT-6 model has become a popular choice among trendy urbanites. The growing enthusiasm for gorpcore has also made Salomon's technical running shoes an indispensable part of urban style.

From the majestic French Alps comes a sense of adventure and perfection that Salomon has embodied for over seven decades. Their focus on combining advanced technology with elegant design has made them a favorite among nature lovers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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